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We started out in 1999 when our children were still elementary school age.   We wanted to provide a fun and healthy environment for our family.  Making soap became part of trying to live more simply in a fast-paced world.  It continues to be a rewarding experience even after our children are grown. 

Now our son and daughter-in-law have a family and she helps out with the business.


We choose to include only all natural, healthy ingredients you can feel good about putting on your skin. Each of the ingredients that goes into any of our products has been hand selected for its skin-care properties. To be included, an ingredient must be healing, natural / organic, or of therapeutic quality. Each one is hyper-allergic, anti-microbial, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and/or contain antioxidants. We purchase these ingredients from like-minded suppliers in the US.  Being fortunate enough to live in a farm community, we purchase our goat milk and honey just up the road.

For our soaps, we use only pure botanical oils. Our base oils are olive, coconut and sustainable palm. Grapefruit seed extract is added as a natural preservative. These luxurious oils are saponified as they blend with a mixture of distilled water and sodium hydroxide to create the cold-processed soap. The natural occurring glycerin that is created in this soap making process remains in each batch. This mixture creates a soap that is super-fatted to around 13%. What this means for you is super moisturizing, clean, and radiant skin.

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